Asbestos Building Reports

Asbestos inspection records only pertain to buildings constructed before 1981. Building construction dates are available online in IPF building records.

MSU Asbestos Building Reports
Building Name Building Number Inspection Report Cost Report Photo Log
Abrams Planetarium 0165 Report (PDF)    
Akers Hall 0326 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Alumni Memorial Chapel 0030 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF) 
Amtrak Station 0193 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Auditorium 0031 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Baker Hall 0182 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)  
Beaumont Tower 0012 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Beef Cattle Research Center 0471A Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Beef Cattle Research Center Animal Shelter 0471I Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Berkey Hall 0002 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Bessey Hall 0079 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Biochemistry 0168 Report (PDF)    
Botany Field Lab (Plant Pathology) 0452 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Botany Greenhouse 0018 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Business College Complex 0080 Report (PDF)    
Campbell Hall 0304 Report (PDF)    
Case Hall 0321 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Center for Integrated Plant Systems 0181A Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Central School 0204 Report (PDF)    
Central Services 0060 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Chemistry 0163 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Chittenden Hall 0019 Report (PDF)    
Clinical Center 0200, 0201, 0202 Report (PDF)
2011 Update (PDF)
  Photo Log (PDF)
Communication Arts and Sciences 0084 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Computer Center 0035 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Conrad Hall 0328 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Cook Hall 0020 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Cowles House 0009 Report (PDF)    
Cyclotron 0164 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research - Heifer Barn 0469A Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research - Main Barn 0469H Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Demonstration Hall 0057 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Engineering Building 0081 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Engineering Research (Jolly Road) 0206 Report (PDF)    
Entomology Insectory 0129 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Entomology Storage 0130 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Erickson Hall 0144 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Eustace Cole Hall 0015 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Farrall Hall 0091 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Fire Station 0131 Report (PDF)    
Food Science 0179 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Food Stores 0171 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Geography 0176 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Giltner Hall 0028 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Landscape Services 0158 Report (PDF)    
Hannah Administration Building 0067 Report (PDF)    
Holden Hall 0332 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Holmes Hall 0330 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Hubbard Hall 0331 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Human Ecology 0005

Report (PDF)

Cost (PDF)  
I.M. Circle 0051 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
I.M. West 0151 Report (PDF)    
Infrastructure Planning and Facilities 0167 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
International Center 0169 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF)  
Jenison Fieldhouse 0056 Report (PDF)    
Kedzie (N&S) 0029 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center 0055 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Kresge Art Center and Sculpture Studio 0150/150A Report (PDF)    
Landon Hall 0305 Report (PDF)    
Library 0049 Report (PDF)    
Life Sciences 0183 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Linen Services 0068 Report (PDF)    
Linton Hall 0014 Report (PDF)    
Manly Miles Building 0154 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Mason/Abbot Hall 0302 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
McDonel Hall 0324 Report (PDF)    
Munn Ice Arena 0059 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF)  
Museum 0013 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Music Building 0011 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Music Practice 0021 Report (PDF)    
Natural Resources 0180 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Natural Science 0024 Report (PDF)    
Nisbet 0128 Report (PDF)    
North Campus Substation 0516 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Old Botany 0017 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Old Horticulture 0025 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Olds Hall 0047 Report (PDF)    
Olin Health Center 0003 Report (PDF)    
Owen Hall 0320 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Oyer Speech and Hearing 0089 Report (PDF)    
Packaging 0177 Report (PDF)    
Parking Ramp - Auditorium Road 0185 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Pathological Incinerator 0524 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Plant Biology Laboratories 0178 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Plant Science Greenhouses - East Range 0098 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Plant Science Greenhouses - West Range 0093 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Psychology (Formerly Physics) 0027 Report (PDF)    
Public Safety 0087 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF)  
Regional Chilled Water Plant #1 0189 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
River Water Intake Station 0515 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
River Water Research Center 0052 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
River Water Research Laboratory 0052A Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Shaw Hall 0317 Report (PDF)    
Shaw Lane Power Plant 0061 Report (PDF)    
Soil Science Lab 0430A Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Soil Science Storage 0430B Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Student Services 0142 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Union 0006 Report (PDF)    
University Housing Building 0325 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
University Services (Purchasing Building) 0088 Report (PDF)    
Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture 0082 Report (PDF)    
Van Hoosen Hall 0319 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Water Reservoir 0096 Report (PDF)   Photo Log (PDF)
Wells Hall 0078 Report (PDF)    
Wills House 0008 Report (PDF) Cost (PDF) Photo Log (PDF)
Wilson Hall 0322 Report (PDF)    
Wonders Hall 0323 Report (PDF)    
Yakeley/Gilchrist Hall 0306 Report (PDF)