Laboratory & Clinical Safety

Depending on hazards present in each location, several EHS teams collaborate to provide safety services and ensure compliance in MSU laboratories and clinics.

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New Researcher Orientation

New researchers should contact EHS to schedule an orientation meeting to discuss laboratory hazards and any relevant EHS requirements, including training. Lab setup references are listed below.

Lab Guide

Links below will refer you to further information on materials requiring registration before use at MSU:

Training requirements will be discussed during new PI meetings. General training guidelines are provided by EHS.

  • Request Laboratory Door Signs on the EHS Safety Portal (Lab Door Sign Request)doorsign.png  sds posting revised sds
exposure response

For building repairs, custodial service, or pest service, contact MSU Infrastructure Planning & Facilities.

Additional resources for supplies are Biochemistry StoresChemistry StoresUniversity Store, and MSU Surplus and Recycling.

  • For fixed biological materials, chemicals, or dry ice, contact University Stores.
  • For pathogenic organisms, contact EHS's Biosafety Team.
  • Frequent biological shippers can complete online training and pass an exam in order to make shipments.
  • For ordering/transfer of radioactive materials, please see the Radiation Safety section.
  • For general campus mail, contact University Services.

For more information on shipping chemical or biological materials, see the Shipping section.

To request waste pickup, submit a request on the EHS Safety Portal (Hazardous Waste Pickup). For more information, see the Hazardous Waste section.

Safety Programs

Links below will take you to EHS safety program home pages (more in-depth than the information provided above in the lab setup guide).



American Society for Microbiology

Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities (APLU)

Lab Closeouts

When personnel leave the laboratory or the university, EHS will assist with proper disposition of hazardous and radioactive materials. Procedures are outlined in the EHS Laboratory/Containment Area Closeout document.