Respirator Fit-Tests

Steps for Properly Obtaining a Respirator

1. Call the EHS Occupational Safety Team to discuss the hazards to be encountered, and determine if an assessment needs to be performed.

2. Do not buy a respirator!

3. Non-paid students using the respirator for coursework go to #4 below.

Employees:  Fill out the Medical Questionnaire for Individuals Who Wear a Respirator - Initial Form (PDF) or Interim/Refresher Form (PDF) and send or fax completed form to MSU Occupational Health:

Mail to: 
MSU Occupational Health
463 East Circle Drive
Room 346 Olin Health Center (they have moved, they are now in room 123)
East Lansing, MI 48824

or Fax to: (517) 355-0332.

When MSU Occupational Health clears you to wear a respirator you can continue to #4.

4. Register on the training website (

5. Schedule a Respirator Fit Test with EHS by calling 517-355-0153.  

Preparing for the Fit Test

  • Men must be clean shaven where the mask will seal on the face. Mustache and goatee are acceptable as long as no hair interferes with the sealing of the mask.
  • Long hair must be worn pulled back or put up away from the face.
  • During the fit test you will be given options for masks. You may choose a comfortable mask.
  • When you pass the fit test:
    • N95 respirator – you will obtain the manufacturer, model and size information as well as training.
    • Other respirators – you will be given information for ordering, cartridge selection and change out.
  • Employees will need a fit test annually, and will be sent a reminder email.