Lab Door Signs

MSU requires lab spaces to display door signs to:

  • Prevent unintended entry into hazardous spaces.
  • Provide essential contact information for emergencies occurring outside regular hours (e.g., utility failures, fires).
  • Alert entrants to potential risks, especially those unfamiliar with the laboratory.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

Door signs can be ordered through EHS. Update your door sign when contacts change or hazards present in lab change.

Requesting a Door Sign

Review selection criteria for hazards prior to creating your request.

  • 1. Create new request in EHS Safety Portal

    Log in to EHS Safety Portal, then select the Lab Door Sign Request.

    Complete required information about the requester and the lab.

  • 2. Provide lab contact information

    Include names and office locations of two contacts: the PI and another knowledgeable person (e.g., lab manager, technician).

    Provide ten-digit phone numbers. Adding both office and home/mobile numbers is advisable.

    Use the Comments section for additional contacts or updates.

  • 3. Identify lab safety hazards

    Select the lab's safety hazards, using the criteria provided. EHS will review these hazards and may request further information.

  • 4. Electronic or printed sign

    By default, EHS will provide a printable PDF of your sign. While color prints are preferred, grayscale is acceptable.

    If your lab does not have printer access, request a printed copy of the sign by checking the “send printed copy” box on the request form.

  • 5. Receive, print, and post sign

    EHS will send a printable PDF of your sign to the provided email address, usually within 5 business days. 

    EHS will send printed signs within 15 days.

Plastic sleeves to hold door signs: If your lab does not have a plastic adhesive sleeve to hold the door sign, one can be requested from EHS. Submit a request in the Lab Label Request on the EHS Safety Portal.

Example laboratory safety door sign showing at least two contact persons and all applicable hazard graphics represented on sign.

Frequently-Asked Questions