New Wells

MSU recognizes that additional wells will need to be installed to meet future campus water demands. Areas available for siting Type I water supply wells will be expected to decline as campus properties are developed.

A report was completed in 2008 that identified potential new well sites. The team considered the following criteria during the well site selection process:

  1. The distance from existing Type I wells (a minimal distance of 2,000 feet from each well was maintained).
  2. The location of the site in relation to potential sources of contamination (per MDEQ Public Act 399 requirements, 200 feet from minor sources of contamination and 2,000 feet from major sources of contamination).
  3. The location of the site relative to existing and required underground water supply pipelines.
  4. The orientation and area of the preliminary WHPA (minimize the size of offsite portions of the preliminary WHPA).
  5. Existing areas of Crop Research.

Any new wells developed by MSU will become part of the WHPP. At a minimum, this will involve completing WHPA delineation for the well(s), and preparing a CSI for the WHPA and updating other elements in the WHPA to include the new wells.