Roles & Responsibilities

This element is intended to identify individuals and groups responsible for the development and implementation of the WHPP.

Local Wellhead Protection Team

The Team has had responsibility for preparing the WHPP and ensuring that it is responsibly implemented and updated. Team members also promote groundwater protection activities within their individual units.

The Team members are:

  • Steve Beard, MSU Police
  • Ben Darling, Land Management Office
  • Bob Ellerhorst, IPF Power and Water
  • Ruth Kline-Robach, Institute of Water Research
  • John Lefevre, IPF Engineering and Architectural Services
  • Mary Lindsey, Environmental Health and Safety
  • David Lusch, Department of Geography
  • Mike Tracy, IPF Power and Water
  • Steve Troost, IPF Campus Planning and Administration

Other Agencies having roles and responsibilities:

  • MDEQ Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance
  • Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC), Groundwater Management Board
  • Ingham County Health Department