Contingency Plans

The Contingency Plan portion of the WHPP is an important part of the overall program to protect the quality of the MSU water supply. This plan documents what procedures should be followed in a water supply emergency. In reality, there are numerous variables that will determine how a given emergency situation will develop and be handled. The ultimate response to an emergency situation must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, given the severity of the emergency and the potential risks. As such, deviations from the procedures may be appropriate.

MSU has 18 production wells that pump water into three well mains which deliver it untreated to the farm facilities south of Mt. Hope Road and to the reservoir/pumping station. Water is treated at the reservoir/pumping station and pumped to all MSU buildings north of Mt. Hope Road. As part of the WHPP Contingency Plan, the University has procedures in place to address power outages, water main breaks, chemical spills, catastrophic water system failure and alternative water supplies.