Tips for Purchasing Controlled Substances

To place an order for controlled substances:

1. Contact Amber Bitters ( or Kristen Bullard ( to be placed on the list of approved purchasers- this should be done as soon as possible.

  • Only the licensee/registrant can be placed on the list to order schedule I or II controlled substances.
  • Only the licensee/registrant or an authorized agent can be placed on the list to order schedule III-V controlled substances.

2. Obtain a PO from MSU Purchasing – by doing the following:

Enter a requisition into EBS; in the notes section include drug schedule(s).

Contact Jan Wallace (; 517-884-6172) or Cara Hansford (; 517-884-6164) with the requisition number.  They will:

  • Verify that the requisition is for an approved purchaser
  • Process and email a copy of the PO to the approved purchaser

3. Send a copy of the PO with the DEA 222 form (schedule I and II) or order form (schedule III-V) to the supplying company. The supplying company may also require other documents such as applications to purchase controlled materials or license/registration copies.

IMPORTANT: PIs must create separate accounts with each commercial supplier they wish to order from.

Butler-Schein (888) 691-2724

Vortech Pharmaceuticals (800) 521-4686


Important Note: Controlled substances from Sigma-Aldrich are not pharmaceutical grade and therefore cannot be used for anesthesia, analgesia or euthanasia. Contact the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee office (432-4151) for additional information.

Tips for Completing DEA Form 222

  • Form 222 is only required when ordering Schedule I or II controlled substances
  • Instructions for completing the form can be found on the back of the form. Be sure to read and follow them exactly.
  • Before submitting DEA Form 222, ensure that the following in completed:
    • Supplier name, address, city and state is correct
    • Form is dated
    • Number of packages, size o package, and strength is correct
    • The strength of the drug should be in the description
    • NO. OF LINES COMPLETED block is filled in
    • If one item is ordered but the description overruns to line 2, the completed lines are 2
    • DEA Registrant has signed the form
    • Form contains no erasures or alterations
    • Purchaser has made a copy of the form for their records
    • Upon receipt of the order, complete the number of commercial or bulk containers furnished for each item and the dates the container are received
  • Example DEA Form 222- from Butler-Schein (PDF)