Site-Specific Training

Site-specific training will be tracked in Ability compliance training system.

Effective September 2023, all personnel will be required to record their site-specific safety training in the Ability training system. Sites are encouraged to begin transition to the online documentation process early. Please use the resources below to begin using the new online course to upload your individual documentation.

Your worksite/s determine the process for recording your annual site-specific training. If not mentioned in the groups listed below, contact your supervisor or for guidance.

Employee Instructions


PI, Manager Instructions

Verify your personnel's documentation.
Review video below.

Trainer Instructions (Clinics, CVM, IM Sports, IPF, Police, SLE)

See resources for recording site-specific training.


  • Schedule & Process for this Change?

    August 2022:

    • Labs have the option to immediately begin documenting training in Ability system. Personnel can now upload documentation of their site-specific training activity directly into Ability compliance training system.
    • Hard copies of past site-specific training should be retained until new training is recorded in Ability. Printed hardcopy documentation may used in lieu of the online system until September 2023. Past completions should not be uploaded unless they occurred very recently.

    Starting September 2023:

    • Learners will be required to upload documentation of their site-specific training activity (as a pdf file or image of a printed form) directly into Ability compliance training system. This will serve as an electronic record of the training.
    • After uploading current site-specific training activity for individual lab personnel, labs will no longer be required to retain printed records.
  • WHAT must Lab Personnel DO?
    Lab personnel (employee, student, or volunteer working in the lab) are responsible for uploading the lab-specific training received each year for each lab they work in. You can use the default checklist form from the course or one provided by the PI. Upon notification of training due, contact your PI or lab manager for a training time.
    For assistance, contact or
  • Responsibilities of the PI?
    It is the Principal Investigator's responsibility to ensure adequate and timely training is provided to all persons conducting activities in their lab. The PI can authorize another qualified person to provide the site-specific training.

    Going forward, documentation of annual training is primarily the responsibility of the Learner, but the PI can provide their own form in lieu of the standard EHS checklist. The Learner can then upload that form in Ability.

    The PI is responsible for monitoring the training and taking steps to correct any deficiencies. Resources are provided to assist in reviewing site-specific training records for their lab team.  Contact or for additional assistance.

  • FILE Format & Save Name?

    Whether your lab chooses to use their own form/document or the default form provided upon launch in the course, you must upload proof of the training into the Ability course.

    If your lab prefers its own checklist instead of the default form, it must include on the first page the PI's name, the lab location (building and room number) and the date the training was provided.

    Name your file (PDF or image) "LSST-NetID-YYYY" (replace "NetID" with your NetID and "YYYY" with the current year).

    You can fill and save your form as a PDF. Alternatively, you can print and fill the form offline. Then either scan or take a photo of the first page. That scan or image must be saved to a device for upload into the Ability training system.

  • Official DATE?
    On the form, record the actual date training was received. Upload your form into the Ability system as soon as possible after the training. The upload date is the official date of completion. You will NOT receive credit UNTIL your form is uploaded into the training system.
  • MULTIPLE Labs and Refreshers?

    For multiple work sites - Personnel working in multiple locations (including multiple labs) must complete site-specific training FOR EACH SITE, each year (even if those labs are under the same PI). ​You will NOT be reminded to complete additional site training after you have completed the first site training for that year. However, it will still be required to upload additional site training documentation.

    For Refresher training - Each year, you must login to the compliance training system, re-launch the course, and upload a new file for your recent site-specific training. 

    Each new upload of a site-specific training form is recorded as a new training record in the Ability system. Supervisors who see multiple records for a year can inspect the details to ensure their site's training was recorded accurately.

  • VERIFY Completion?
    ​​​​Personnel can verify their Site-Specific Training file was successfully uploaded using Print and Email Certificate buttons on the course page.  Instead of a standard certificate, the first page of the last uploaded file should be returned. Over time, annual site-specific training records will be added to personnels' Transcript. 
    PI or their proxy can review personnels' uploaded files in Ability by checking the People list > clicking a name > clicking the History tab. The far right column includes a green information icon. Clicking that  i​  will bring up a pop-up window with a Documents tab for viewing the uploaded file.  PI can also request their personnel use the Email Certificate button on a course.
  • Multiple TRACKS have Site-Specific course listed?

    ​Many work risks (equipment, materials, activities) have regulatory requirements for site-specific training. If you complete site-specific training that covers all related risks for your responsibilities at that site, you will only need to upload one form per site. Once completed, all tracks will update.

    You must still complete and document site-specific training for each site annually.