Trainer Instructions for Recording Site-Specific Training

For IPF, SLE/REHS, medical clinics, and police, a designated site-specific trainer can enter completion records following training. Other workers, including lab personnel, upload their own site-specific training form each year. Contact EHS if you are not sure whether your unit requires workers to upload their annual documentation or whether a trainer enters the record into Ability. If your unit relies on worker recording of site-specific training (e.g. labs), please disregard the following instruction and direct your learners to their Site-Specific Training course page instructions.

Recording Site-Specific Training

View detailed instructions on Trainer options for recording completion in Ability system.

Optional SST Supporting File

If your group relies on the trainer to record multiple people's training at once, it is optional to upload a supporting document. Your entry of a SST completion is recorded with enough detail for the EHS documentation needs.

Your unit can choose to upload supporting documentation file (SST, PDF, DOC, GIF, PNG, JPG) into Ability for later reference by the learner, their manager, and other trainers and compliance auditors. Your unit may also choose to keep on-site paper or digital supporting documentation. 

Trainer Opts to Upload a Supporting File

  1. Use the Certificate document type. This is visible to the learner, their managers, and other trainers and auditors. 
  2. Limit details appropriately. Learners should not be able to view other people's information. Choose the method training completion is recorded based on what type of supporting documentation you want to add. 
    • Documentation that includes a learner's name or other details (e.g. SST checklist form) should be uploaded from that Learner's History tab only. 
    • Documentation for multiple learners is recorded efficiently on the Course History tab. Limit your document to just general information (such as workplace building, rooms, topics covered or trainer for the event, but not including participant names or netID).  

Contact the training support desk at

  • for access to update Site-Specific Training course records
  • to discuss the best option for you and your organization to record SST completions
  • for teams walk-thru of options with screensharing