BBP Statistics and References



BBP Statistics
Michigan (2013) United States (2013) Global (2013)
People living with HIV/AIDS 19,100 1.2 million 35 million
People infected with HIV/AIDS per year 789 50,000 2.1 million
Deaths due to AIDS related illness 63 13,712 (2012) 1.5 million

Sources: Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO)


Hepatitis B


  • Approximately 19,800 new infections in 2013
  • The greatest decline has happened among children and adolescents due to routine hepatitis B vaccination
  • An estimated 50% of infected individuals over age 5 have symptoms
  • Only about 5% of people infected after the age of 5 develop chronic disease
  • An estimated 700,000-1.4 million Americans are chronically infected
  • Approximately 1873 deaths occur from HBV-related illness each year


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