Completing a Waste Pickup Request Form

The EHS Safety Portal can be utilized to request either a Hazardous Waste Pick Up OR to request delivery of certain supplies provided by EHS for proper disposal of hazardous waste.

  • All contact information must be included at the top of the waste request form to ensure that EHS can contact the requestor or Principal Investigator (PI) with questions.
  • Any supplies needed should be included in the “Supplies” section.
  • Any pertinent information, such as if access is limited, or specific location of waste should be noted in the “Comments” section.

Determining Waste Type Category

  • Waste Container

    Choose this category if your waste includes a mixture or solution of two or more chemicals, is a prep or cleaning solution, or is a laboratory sample. Wastes in this category should be characterized by hazard of the material. In general, you should use the hazards that are checked off on the Global Harmonization System (GHS) symbols located on the bottom of the attached Hazardous Waste Tag and the state of matter of the waste (i.e. liquid or solid) as guidance. Enter all chemical constituents into the box provided.

    Example: Submittal of liquid waste as identified on the Hazardous Waste Tag:

    Based on chemicals listed and GHS symbols checked, waste is characterized as Flammable, Corrosive

    hazardous waste tag with corrosive and flammable constituents indicated

    Search system by Flammable, select “Flammable, Corrosive”

    screenshot of selecting flammable, corrosive container on hazardous waste pickup request form

    Enter all pertinent information, including size and number of container(s), and all chemical constituents with no abbreviations.

     screenshot entering detailed constituents

  • Common Process

    Choose this category if your waste is a material that is generated by a routine maintenance, medical, or laboratory activity, and includes these items:

    Batteries (all types)
    Paints (Latex or Flammable)
    Light Ballasts
    Light Bulbs (all types)
    Used Oil
    Unused Cleaning Products

    Contaminated solid lab debris (gloves, wipes, weigh boats, etc.)
    Gel waste (solid material only)
    Biohazardous Waste
    Blood Tubes
    Pharmaceutical Waste
    Sharps/Chemotherapy Waste
    Unused Cleaning Products

    Example request for pickup of aerosols:

    example of waste pickup for aerosols

    Example request for pickup of paint:

     example of waste pickup for paint

    Example request for pickup of sharps:

     example of waste pickup for sharps

  • Reagents

    Choose this category ONLY for submittal of expired or no longer needed chemical reagents that are in the original, labeled manufacturer’s bottle. If you are trying to submit multiple chemical constituents that are present in one waste container, you must choose the “Waste Container” category.

    Example 1, for item listed in EHS database: Search your chemical name, select, and enter container size/quantity:

    example waste pickup for barium search

    example waste pickup for barium details

    Example 2, for an item NOT listed in EHS database:

    When searching for chemical not found, "no results found" popup will be displayed. Choose either Hazardous Waste Liquid, or Hazardous Waste Solid based on the state of matter.

    example waste pickup for iron search

    example waste pickup generic popup

    Manually enter the chemical name and information.

    example waste pickup generic details