Labeling and Signage

  • Elements Of Proper Hazardous Waste Storage

    The State of Michigan Department of Energy, Great Lakes, and Environment (EGLE) adopted into law the EPA’s Generator Improvements Rule, effective August 3, 2020. As part of these new rules, generators (i.e. MSU owned and operated campus, and off-campus labs, clinics, farms, and other locations) are required to post a Quick Reference Guide for Emergency Response procedures in all designated Satellite Accumulation Areas for hazardous waste.

    EHS staff have placed the signs on the inside of the entry door to the laboratory and other hazardous waste storage areas on campus, and are working on supplying off campus locations with appropriate signage. Signs must be posted in these locations for ease of identification during an federal and/or state hazardous waste inspection.

    Signage for hazardous waste storage areas: Elements of proper hazardous waste storage (PDF).

  • Hazardous Waste Storage Labels

    Labels should be utilized to mark designated hazardous waste containers in their accumulation areas. Template file for Avery 5160 Labels (DOCX)