Authorized Trainers & Farm Managers

Thank you for agreeing to conduct the Worker Protection Training. This page outlines the procedures for obtaining the training materials, conducting general WPS training, conducting the site specific training, answering questions, and entering training records into the EHS Ability system.

Request Access

If you have not done so already, complete the instructor form to get authorized to conduct training and to get access to add records to the training system.

Classroom Training Instructions

EPA regulations require a Certified Pesticide Applicator be present while approved training materials are presented; therefore, this training must be conducted live. EHS has the training materials available for download.

  • Schedule the Classroom Training
    1. Reserve a location appropriate for learning: a conference room, classroom or office.
    2. Add the training event into the system yourself or you can send the info to
      1. People can see it on the training calendar and self-enroll.
      2. You can share the link with others by email or on a website.
      3. Anyone who is registered beforehand will receive an email reminder a few days before the event and that morning.
      4. You can add the date in the calendar yourself.

    For one-on-one or unplanned training, you can also enter completion records for each person individually. See instructions below for recording attendance after the event.

  • Present the Classroom Training
    1. Download the slideshow and video files in advance to the computer you will be using. Periodically check to make sure you are using the most recent version of these files. 
    2. Print a roster from Ability LMS (if participants pre-registered) or a blank sign-in sheet (if participants did not pre-register). Have participants sign in on the printed sheet or via a swipe card system.
    3. Present the slideshow outlining MSU-specific information.
    4. Present the EPA-approved videos.
    5. Solicit questions.

    It is important to remain in the area to make sure the video plays and to answer questions. If you are asked any question you do not know the answer, contact John Stone at or 517-353-5134.

    See for alternate video options (e.g. Spanish or captioned versions).

  • Record Attendance/Completions

    If you have access to Ability LMS from your training site, during or immediately after the event is the best time to mark attendance. For pre-scheduled events with pre-registration:

    For training NOT scheduled in the system ahead of time:

    Contact for assistance with swipe card attendance.

Site-Specific Training Instructions

Depending on the size of the group, either

  1. Schedule the training in advance, similar process to the classroom training or
  2. Enter records one-by-one (use Option 1), after the training has been completed

Looking Up Employees' Training

To confirm training for employees working at your site, see: Instructions for Confirming Training