Certified Pesticide Applicators

The Michigan Department of Ag & Rural Development (MDARD) provides examination and certification of pesticide applicators. MSU accepts proof of current certification as an alternative to completion the annual classroom video course.  MDARD recently announced that pesticide applicators can now take their certification exams through remotely proctored, online testing.

How to Submit Documentation

Create a copy of your MDARD card showing expiration date (either take a photo or scan on a copier). If you have not yet received your new card, you can submit a copy of your signed exam results showing passing of the core exam.

Format can be jpg, gif, png, or pdf. File Name: Keep the file name short, but do include your NETID. It is also helpful if you also include the expiration year (e.g. SMITHSUE-2022, or CHEN99-2023). 

Email a copy of your file to ORRS.train@msu.edu. The Help Desk team will upload your new license information for you.