Tractor Daily Inspection Checklist

Before starting tractor:

1. Check all fluid levels

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Fuel
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Other fluids

Check underneath the tractor. Do you see any leaks or puddles of fluid that have accumulated?

2. Tires and wheels

  • Properly inflated. Check the operator’s manual
  • Check tires for cuts or breaks in the tread or sidewalls
  • Observe lug nuts and see if they appear tight

3. Batteries

  • Securely held down
  • Connections are clean
  • Electrolyte level is good

4. General Condition

  • Cracked or broken parts
  • Leaking or damaged hoses
  • All shields are in place
  • Loose parts, bolts, or nuts
  • SMV emblem is in place, clean, and unfaded
  • Steps are clean of any grease or mud
Once in the operator seat:
  1. Check the seatbelt to see if it is functioning.
  2. After starting the tractor, observe the engine oil pressure gauge and make sure there is oil pressure in the engine.
  3. Turn on the lights and flashers. Walk around the tractor and see if all the lights and flashers are functioning.
Check all other items listed in operator’s manual as recommended.