Farm Equipment Safe Operating Procedures

These procedures must be reviewed with employees operating farm field equipment at least on an annual basis. (Farm field equipment is defined as: tractors or implements, including self-propelled implements, or any combination thereof used in agricultural operations.)

Note: this information will be sent to each operator of agricultural farm field equipment on an annual basis. The employee will sign is to document that this information has been read.

  1. Keep all guards in place when the machine is in operation.
  2. Permit no riders on farm field equipment other than persons required for instruction or assistance in machine operation.
  3. Stop the engine, disconnect the power source, and wait for all machine movement to stop before servicing, adjusting, cleaning, or unclogging the equipment, except where the machine must be running to be properly serviced. If equipment must remain running for maintenance, you must be trained in this procedure before performing any maintenance on the equipment.
  4. Make sure everyone is clear of machinery before starting the engine, engaging power or operating the machine.
  5. Lock out electrical power before performing maintenance or service on farmstead equipment. (Note: farmstead equipment is agricultural equipment used in a stationary manner, such as materials handling equipment and accessories.)