Powder-Actuated Tools Power Levels

  • MIOSHA requires that the power level for cased or caseless loads be identified by a specific color and numbering system given in Table 1. 
  • Caseless loads are limited to power levels 1 to 6.
  • The combination of the case color and load color will designate the load level.
  • Both the explosive load and the carton or box shall provide visual indication of the load level.
Identification of Cased Loads
Power Level Color Identification: Case Color Identification: Load Nominal Velocity* (+,- 45 fps)
1 Brass Gray 300
2 Brass Brown 390
3 Brass Green 480
4 Brass Yellow 570
5 Brass Red 660
6 Brass Purple 750
7 Nickel Gray 840
8 Nickel Brown 930
9 Nickel Green 1020
10 Nickel Yellow 1110
11 Nickel Red 1200
12 Nickel Purple 1290

*The nominal velocity applies to 3/8 inch diameter 350-grain ballistic slug fired in a test device and has no reference to actual fastener velocity developed in any specific size or type of tool.