Chemical waste containers are labeled and have closed lids. Hazardous waste tags are completed

Proper disposal of chemical wastes is mandatory in laboratories at MSU. Chemical waste should not be disposed of by evaporation in a chemical hood.

Chemical waste should be accumulated at or near the point of generation, under the control of laboratory workers and must be identified from all other materials.

Each container of hazardous waste must be labeled with the words “Hazardous Waste,” and have a completed waste tag attached. An exception to this rule is individual small bottles of discarded commercial chemical product; however, if the discarded commercial product is not in the original container, it must also have a waste tag (png).  


  • MSU Waste Disposal Guidance
  • MSU Biosafety Manual
  • OSHA Standard 1910.1450 App A.

Corrective actions:

Collect small volumes of process waste in your own containers. Collect larger volumes in 5- gallon cans. Collect solid waste e.g., contaminated gloves, glassware, paper, etc., in cardboard boxes lined with two plastic bags. Keep liquid and solid wastes separate.

Date and label the container with the words “Hazardous Waste” and attach an MSU Materials Pick-up Tag (Appendix A) to each and every container. In the contents section of the tag, enter the volume and composition of all the waste as it is added to the container. For solutions, list the solute and solvent concentrations (include the amount of water present.) Be as accurate as possible in your description of wastes.

For instructions on how to properly fill out the tags go to the hazardous waste section of the EHS website or contact EHS.

Separate wastes into the different waste categories. That is, collect acids in a separate container from solvents etc.

Do NOT mix incompatible materials in the same container. Do NOT put corrosive or reactive chemicals in metal cans.

For liquids, fill containers to about 90% of container volume. Do NOT fill containers to the top. Leave at least 2 inches of space in 5-gallon liquid waste containers to allow for liquid expansion and pumping. Make sure the caps on all cans and bottles have gaskets and are tightly secured before the pickup.

Request waste tags on the MSU EHS Safety Portal (Lab Label Request).

Request waste pick up on the MSU EHS Safety Portal (Hazardous Waste Pickup). 

For more specific information regarding hazardous wastes, reference MSU Waste Disposal Guidance.