Exposure incident response is posted

Corrective actions:

Print posters below and affix them in a visible area in the laboratory. Labs that do not use any biological organisms only need the “Lab Incident Response Procedure” posted.

PI must discuss the procedures to be taken in case of a biological exposure, chemical splash or physical injury and make forms below available in the laboratory.


HR Forms for medical assistance:

Each incident should receive prompt reconsideration of the initial risk assessment and reevaluation of current strategies to reduce the possibility of future exposures.

Specific information for the various incident and injury responses can be found at: Injuries and Incidents

Additional information:

It is the responsibility of the PI prior to initiating any type of research to instruct and train laboratory staff in the procedures for dealing with accidents. Individual laboratory employees are responsible for their own safety and all individuals performing work with hazardous substances must accept a shared responsibility for operating in a safe manner once they have been informed about the extent of risk and safe procedures for their activities. They also have the responsibility to inform their supervisors of accidents and work practices or working conditions they believe hazardous to their health or to the health of others.


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