Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls

There are various ways to suffer slips and falls while working. You can slip and lose your balance, you can trip over objects left improperly left in your walkway, or you can simply fall from an elevated position above the ground. The following are some ways to help minimize slips, trips and falls in your work area. Contact the Occupational Safety Team at EHS for additional assistance or questions specific to your area.


  • Remove all trash, scrap materials, unused materials.
  • Keep aisles, exits, and stairs free from materials, pallets, tools, fixtures, or other obstructions.
  • Make regular housekeeping a priority. Keep areas clean and orderly so that buildup of trash or materials does not occur in the first place.


  • Repair any holes, cracks, or uneven surfaces in the floor that could be a trip hazard.
  • Select slip resistant floor coverings for areas that are a slip hazard. Keep floor mats at entry doors to allow for complete wiping of shoes.
  • Use Caution Wet Floor signs when working in an area with a wet floor to notify others of the hazard.


  • Use handrails. They are there to protect you should a fall occur. If you are carrying a load that impairs your ability to properly use the stairs, use the elevator or find someone to help you.
  • Keep stairways in good repair and well lit.
  • Never run on stairs

Be aware of your surroundings

  • Beware of tripping hazards. Do not leave extension cords, tools, carts, or other items in walkways. If you see these items in walkways, pick up the items, or report the problem to a supervisor.
  • Be on the lookout for slip hazards, such as water, grease, oil, food, sawdust, or other debris. Even a small amount is enough to make you fall.
  • Walk where you are supposed to walk. Do not take short cuts through areas that are not to be used as walkways.


  • Wear work shoes with non-skid soles and rubber heels.
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean your shoes when entering a building in rainy or snowy weather.

Preventing falls from higher up

  • Always use 3 points of contact when climbing a ladder, scaffold, or other equipment. Never overreach when using a ladder or other elevated equipment.
  • Never jump from work platforms, loading docks, trucks, or other equipment.