Overview and Getting Started Checklist

By using the checklist below, you will be able to comply with the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) requirements for safe use of personal protective equipment (PPE). First a hazard assessment must be completed and secondly, employees must be trained on the PPE required for their jobs. Using the checklist below, along with the online manual, forms and training modules, supervisors will be able to quickly comply with the requirements of this program. Sample PPE assessments are also available for review. You may copy and paste from the samples or write your own PPE assessments.

Contact Information:

  • EHS Chemical Safety for questions on PPE use within campus laboratories
  • EHS Occupational Safety for questions on PPE use at Landscape Services, RHS, IPF, farms, research stations, shops, non-laboratory areas, and greenhouses.

PPE Program Checklist

Part 1. Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Assessment

  • Survey the workplace and identify tasks/jobs that require personal protective equipment (PPE). Include all tasks that require PPE. Sample PPE assessments are viewable on the EHS web site.
  • Identify potential hazards associated with each task using the Personal Protective Equipment Survey and Analysis Checklist (page 25 of the manual) for guidance.
  • Indicate the required PPE on the PPE Hazard Assessment Certification Form.
  • Complete the PPE Hazard Assessment Certification Form (page 27 of the manual) and sign it.
  • Maintain copies of the PPE Hazard Assessment Certification Forms with your Chemical Hygiene Plan (for laboratories) or with your Hazard Communication Program (for non-laboratory areas).

Part 2. Employee Training

  • Identify the PPE online training modules required for your employees. Employees need only take those modules for the PPE that they use.
    • Eye and face
    • Gloves
    • Foot protection
    • Body protection
    • Head protection
  • Distribute to employees, copies of your PPE Hazard Assessment Certification Form.
  • Instruct employees to take the EHS online PPE training for the modules required for their job.
  • Provide site-specific training for your employees. Include the following topics:
    • What type of personal protective equipment is necessary for each job;
    • How properly to don, doff, adjust and wear personal protective equipment;
    • How to obtain PPE
    • Departmental cleaning, maintenance and replacement procedures.
  • Use the MSU Certification of Personal Protective Equipment Training Form on page 36 of the manual to document training. Maintain this record with your PPE assessments.