Important Tips for Pallet Use

  1. Standardize unit loads to fit the pallets to be used. Underhang or overhang can contribute to product damage.
  2. Make sure unit loads are not stacked higher than specified.
  3. Never use pallets that are distorted or are not square, particularly if they are used in an automated handling environment.
  4. Train all operators in the proper use of pallet handling equipment to ensure low cost handling and safety.
  5. Provide good lighting in your storage areas to facilitate rapid and efficient movement of goods.
  6. Establish good Work Rules and Habits. Get the workers involved.
  7. Never permit lift truck operators to slide pallets around with one fork in order to line them up.
  8. Remind all fork truck operators not to enter or withdraw from pallet openings with tilted forks.
  9. Never enter pallets, loaded or unloaded, on the run. A pallet can sustain major damage to the leading edge as a result of this practice.
  10. Design an efficient, effective accounting system for controlling pallet exchanges and minimizing disposals, costs and problems.
Source: National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA)