Lockout Tagout Overview

Lock Out/Tag Out of Hazardous Energy

The MiOSHA law "Lock Out/Tag Out of Hazardous Energy" is designed to prevent the unexpected release of hazardous energy. Any time that a machine guard is removed, or service is performed that could release energy, the system must be shut off, de-energized, and the controls or energy supply locked in the off position. This applies to all energy types: electric, thermal, hydraulic, chemical, and potential (heavy items that are suspended, or under tension).

To comply with lock out/tag out at MSU, we will assist your areas in the following:

  • Training all employees that lock out equipment
  • Issuance of locks and tags, which must be uniquely identified for lock out/tag out
  • Designing a lock and key control program that has a single key issued to an employee, with one supervisor master
  • Developing written procedures for shutting down, de-energizing, isolating from energy and locking equipment. EHS has software that will be used to standardize this procedure.
  • Performing a yearly audit to assess if the lock out procedures are working, and to verify which employees have been issued locks and keys.

The MSU IPF Key Shop isues the locks that are to be used for lock out tag out on campus. These are green locks that are stamped "MSU Lock Out Device." We expect that all of campus will use this key system, as there is a strict key control program in place from the key shop. If a key is lost to a lock set, a new core will be issued, assuring a high level of safety. If more locks are needed, they can be added to existing core systems.

For campus, MSU General Stores stocks lock out devices, such as locks for: ball valve, gate valve, plug and cord, group lock hasps, circuit breakers and light switches. For IPF, these are available in the Stock Room.