Self-Evaluation Checklist

Employees of MSU have the right to know the properties and potential safety and health hazards of substances to which they may be exposed in their workplace. Providing employees with this information is essential to reducing the risks of occupational illness and injury. In accordance with the Hazard Communication Standard, commonly called the Michigan Right to Know Law (MRTKL), EHS has implemented MSU's Hazard Communication Program (PDF). MSU's Hazard Communication Program has four components:

  • Employee Training
  • The Written Program
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Labeling

MSU employees who have the potential to be exposed to a chemical hazard in their workplace as a course of their work, or in the case of an emergency are included in this program. The following checklist is designed to help evaluate the implementation of the Hazard Communication Program (PDF) within your department:

1. Employee training

Are the following topics being covered in employee training?

  • General requirements of Hazard Communication Standard?
  • Chemical and physical hazards specific to their workplace?
  • New chemical and physical hazards as they arise?
  • Methods of detection of chemical hazards in the workplace?
  • The location of the Right to Know Document in the workplace?

Is the training being documented?

2. Written Program

  • Do you have a copy of MSU's Written Hazard Communication Program available for employee review?
  • Do employees know how to obtain a copy of the written plan?

3. Safety Data Sheets

  • Do employees know how to read an SDS?
    Do employees know how to obtain an SDS for a chemical in their workplace?

4. Labeling

  • Do employees know how to interpret chemical labels?
  • Are employees informed of procedures for maintaining and replacing labels on incoming containers?

EHS appreciates your interest in maintaining a safe workplace for MSU employees. Please contact our office regarding any questions, or for assistance and guidance in program implementation.