EHS Announces Recipients of the 2023 Laboratory Safety Recognition Awards

May 21, 2024 - A. Bitters

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Laboratory Safety Recognition Awards.  While there are many outstanding labs on campus that are deserving of recognition, we have limited our selection to the following recipients for the 2023 inspection cycle:

  • Katrina Linning-Duffy, Psychology: Outstanding Multi-Lab Manager
  • Mojgan Nejad, Forestry: Outstanding Ability to Embrace Suggestions for Improvement
  • Andre Bachmann, Pediatrics and Human Development: Outstanding 100% Compliant Laboratory
  • Jeffrey Swada, Food Science and Human Nutrition: Outstanding 100% Compliant Laboratory
  • Erika Lisabeth, Pharmacology and Toxicology: Outstanding Laboratory
  • Jose Cibelli, Animal Science: Outstanding Laboratory
  • Elena Demireva and Huirong Xie, Research Technology Support Facility: Outstanding Laboratory 
  • Brian Wright, Electrical and Computer Engineering: Outstanding Multi-Lab Manager
  • Andrea Amalfitano, Microbiology, Genetics and Immunology: Outstanding Laboratory
  • Hyojin (Kelly) Kim and Benjamin Orlando, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Cohesive Approach to Laboratory Safety
  • Courtney Carignan, Food Science and Human Nutrition: Outstanding Laboratory
  • Andras Komaromy, Small Animal Clinical Sciences: Outstanding Laboratory
Read more about why each lab was nominated.