Regulated wastes are not stored beyond 90 days

No biohazardous waste can be accumulated for more than 90 days at MSU.

The same way chemical waste container tags shall be labeled with a collection start date and chemical constituents when waste is first added to the container and shall not be accumulated for longer than 90 days.


  • MSU Biosafety Manual
  • MSU Bloodborne Exposure Control Plan
  • MSU Waste Disposal Guidance
  • MSU Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • MSU Biohazardous Waste Management Plan

Corrective actions:

Appropriately dispose of biohazard waste before 90 days of accumulation.

Write start date of a chemical container in the waste tag and request pick up by EHS before 90 days of first use. To request pick up fill out a Hazardous Waste Pickup request on the EHS Safety Portal.