Vacuum system with inline filter, dual flasks, stable and disinfected immediately

Vacuum lines must be protected by High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. A dual flask system should be utilized. Flasks should be stabilized within a vessel that can contain a potential spill. Flask should contain appropriate disinfectant to decontaminate waste and be emptied at the end of work that day.

Alternatively, vacuum canisters with automatic shut-off valves may be used.


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Corrective actions:

Make sure HEPA filters and a dual flask system is utilized as well as a secondary container to avoid any potential spill. Add disinfectant to the vessels daily and empty at the end of the working day.

An example of a suitable disinfectant is bleach at final concentration of at least 10% (use concentrated bleach and calculate volume necessary based on volume of the flask).

Vacuum System for Biological Materials