Dress code for working in laboratories is followed

Employees working with hazardous chemicals in laboratories must wear closed-toe shoes and long pants or skirts which fully cover the legs. Loose clothing, jewelry and long hair should be contained in a way that will prevent exposure to hazardous materials, bench tops, machinery, etc. 


  • MSU Chemical Hygiene Plan 5.3.2

Corrective actions:

Ensure personnel working in the lab are dressed appropriately for protection and deny entry if attire is not suitable for work. Share the figures below with employees and discuss the importance of being dressed properly for their safety.

  • No skin should show below the waist. Common items to be mindful of are torn jeans and pants that do not cover ankles. 
  • Attire recommendations are assuming the use of a lab coat to protect the upper body
  • MSU Laboratory Dress Code 

examples of appropriate lab footwear - closed toe, not exposing top of feet

examples of appropriate lower body wear - long pants or skirts that fully cover the legs and ankles

examples showing confine long hair and secure loose clothing and jewerly