No food, drink, cosmetics, lotions, non-work-related plants or animals

The following statement is the accepted practice for food and drink items in campus laboratories and should be abided by at all times:

“There shall be no food, drink, smoking or applying cosmetics in laboratories which have radioactive materials, biohazardous materials or hazardous chemicals present. There shall be no storage, use or disposal of these ‘consumable’ items in laboratories (including refrigerators within laboratories). Rooms which are adjacent, but separated by floor to ceiling walls, and do not have any chemical, radioactive or biological agents present, may be used for food consumption, preparation, or applying cosmetics at the discretion of the principal investigator responsible for the areas.”


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Corrective actions:

Eating, drinking, smoking, applying cosmetics or manipulating contact lenses is not permitted in laboratories.

Remove even empty containers as they could be interpreted as food or drink items. Food may be stored in cabinets or refrigerators outside the laboratory space designated and used for this purpose only.