Flammables are kept away from heat, ignition, flames and stored in appropriate fridges/freezers or cabinets

Flammable chemicals should be stored in a spark-free environment and in approved flammable- liquid containers and storage cabinets. Grounding and bonding should be used to prevent static charge buildups when dispensing solvents. Laboratory-grade, flammable-rated refrigerators and freezers should be used to store sealed chemical containers of flammable liquids that require cool storage.


  • BMBL 6th ed. HHS Publication No. (CDC) 300859
  • MSU Biosafety and Security Manual
  • MSU Chemical Hygiene Plan 3.6.1 (A) and (C)
  • OSHA Standard 1910.1450 App A.

Corrective actions:

Flammable materials can include flammable liquids, solids, gases and aerosols. When handling flammable materials, observe the following guidelines:

  1. Eliminate ignition sources such as open flames, hot surfaces, sparks from welding or cutting, operation of electrical equipment, and static electricity.
  2. Store flammable liquids in NFPA approved flammable liquid containers or storage cabinets, in an area isolated from ignition sources or in a special storage room designed for flammable materials that will help to protect the materials from fire.
  3. Ensure there is proper bonding and grounding when it is required, such as when transferring or dispensing a flammable liquid from a large container or drum. Assure bonding and grounding is checked periodically. 
  4. Assure appropriate fire extinguishers and/or sprinkler systems are in the area.
  5. Flammable gases must be kept at least 20 feet from oxidizing gases or separated by a 0.5-hour fire rated wall.
  6. Flammable chemicals may not be stored in household-type refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms. When refrigeration is required store flammable or volatile liquids in laboratory-grade, flammable-rated refrigerators and freezers. (marked with sticker “SAFE FOR FLAMMABLE STORAGE”).

Flammable chemicals should not be used in Class II, Type A1 or A2 biosafety cabinets since vapor buildup inside the cabinet presents a fire hazard.