Containers show integrity

When receiving chemicals inspect package for any breakage or leakage.

Containers and bottles used to store chemicals in the laboratory should show no signs of damage or leakage.

Biohazard waste containers as well as chemical hazard waste containers must also prevent leakage or release of the contents during storage, handling, and transport.


  • MSU Biosafety Manual.
  • MSU Chemical Hygiene Plan (A)
  • MSU Waste Disposal Guidance
  • OSHA Standard 1910.1450 App A.

Corrective actions:

Chemical shipments should be inspected upon receiving and if any breakage or leakage is detected it should be refused or opened in a chemical hood.

Inspect chemicals stored in the laboratory for integrity of the container as well as labels periodically.

Store biohazards and chemical hazards in MSU approved containers, follow guidelines for volume stored and check for leakage. If labels are damaged or semi-attached, replace them.