There are SOPs for toxic, pyrophoric and corrosive gases

Toxic, pyrophoric or corrosive gases must be used and stored in a gas cabinet or a fume hood. An SOP is required for toxic, pyrophoric and corrosive gases.


  • MSU Chemical Hygiene Plan 2.7 (A), (C) and (I)
  • OSHA Standard 1910.1450 App A.
  • NFPA 55 - Compressed Gases. Chapter 7 

Corrective actions:

See a list of these gases here: Gases Requiring Approval (XLSX)

Contact Genevieve Cottrell at 432-8715 or for gases requiring approval.

Develop and receive approval through EHS for a SOP for working with such gases and discuss with lab personnel all safety steps required for properly handling them.