Cylinders are secured properly

Corrective actions:

Special systems are needed for handling materials under pressure. Cylinders pose mechanical, physical and/or health hazards, depending on the compressed gas in the cylinder. Cylinders with obvious corrosion and/or cylinders greater than 10 years old should be returned to the gas supplier immediately.

  1. Cylinders with regulators must be individually secured. Only cylinders with valve protection caps securely in place may be safely gang-chained (chained in groups).
  2. When storing or moving a cylinder, have the valve protection cap securely in place to protect the stem.
  3. Cylinders must be secured in an upright position at all times. Use suitable racks, straps, chains, or stands to support cylinders against an immovable object, such as a bench or a wall, during use and storage. Do not allow cylinders to fall or lean against one another.

Additional information:

Compressed gas cylinders must be stored upright and secured to an unmovable surface to prevent them from tipping by means of by a chain link or strap that is approximately two thirds up the cylinder.


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