Personnel can demonstrate how to access SDS (formerly MSDS)

The use of the acronym MSDS and Material Safety Data Sheet was amended to SDS and Safety Data Sheet throughout the document to reflect MIOSHA adoption of the Global Harmonization System’s terminology.

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document containing chemical hazard identification and safe handling information and is prepared in accordance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard and the Michigan Right-to-Know law.

The Michigan Right-to-Know law requires that units and/or P.I.s keep SDSs in a systematic and consistent manner. EHS is a central repository for SDSs and P.I.s/supervisors must ensure that employees know how to access them.


  • MSU Chemical Hygiene Plan. Sections 5.1.5. and
  • Michigan Right-to-Know law
  • OSHA Standard 1910.1450 App A. (f)(3)(v).
  • OSHA 3111- Hazard Communication Guidelines for Compliance.

Corrective actions:

Ensure your personnel know how to access SDSs. The system a unit uses to store them can vary from keeping them in a notebook or file cabinet to using the EHS request system. The system adopted must provide easy access to SDSs for hazardous chemicals used in the lab. Each unit must post a Michigan Right-to-Know Law poster, which indicates the location of all SDSs for hazardous chemicals used in the lab.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be accessed at MSU's SDS provider's website MSDS Online (

For further help in determining the hazard of a chemical, contact your supervisor, instructor or EHS.

Examine the known hazards associated with the materials being used and never assume all hazards have been identified. Determine the potential hazards and use appropriate safety precautions before beginning any new operation.

If you are unable to locate an SDS on the EHS website, telephone the EHS office at 355-0153 and request assistance. Between the hours of 5:00 pm and 8:00 am, please contact MSU Police and at 355-2222. The MSU Police will contact a representative from EHS, who will provide you with a SDS as soon as you need it.