New Safety Requirements for 2-propanol

January 13, 2023 - G. Cottrell

Moving forward, all 2-propanol containers will need to be dated upon receipt and tested/dated/documented every 12 months for peroxide formation. Please pay particular attention to 2-propanol in secondary containers, clear containers and containers that have been exposed to sunlight.

Synonyms for 2-propanol include: isopropanol, IPA, isopropyl alcohol, rubbing alcohol, propan-2-ol (IUPAC name), propyl alcohol, sec-propyl alcohol, s-propanol, iPrOH, i-PrOH, IpOH, dimethyl carbinol.

NOTE: if a container of 2-propanol shows signs of peroxide formation (crystals, wispiness, etc.) or is obviously older than 1-2 years, do NOT move or test the container and contact EHS immediately for assistance.


Recently, EHS discovered several containers of 2-propanol that tested positive for peroxide formation. Further research on the subject found that the American Chemical Society recommends yearly testing of 2-propanol. Peroxide formation can take place even without distillation/concentration at rates faster than predicted.

EHS’s commitment to safety obliges us to update safety protocols and share with our community when more definitive information becomes available. EHS safety inspectors will be making an extra effort to identify 2-propanol and educate users on the potential hazards. Contact Genevieve Cottrell, MSU Chemical Safety Officer, with questions at: