Reminder: Use Appropriate PPE in Photo and Video Shoots

April 22, 2022

Researchers asked to be part of a media presentation, photo shoot or video should demonstrate a commitment to safety and compliance by:

  • Using appropriate PPE — safety glasses and a lab coat are recommended for a photo or video in a lab
  • Ensuring all material registrations, permits and approvals are in place before sharing information with the press
  • Correcting any outstanding safety issues noted during safety inspections
  • Protecting sensitive data; being particularly careful about sharing human research information and animal housing facility locations

Not only can those with malicious intent misuse your information, but federal agencies will also inquire if they see inappropriate safety, health or sensitive data problems. Protect yourself and your research by checking in with EHS before allowing access to your facilities. 

The safest way to ensure proper compliance is reaching out to EHS at when photos or videos are done in labs.