EHS Safety Portal Upgrade

March 3, 2021

MSU's Environmental Health & Safety is nearing completion of a significant redesign of the EHS Safety Portal which houses important safety-related processes. This project is two-phased with the initial effort focused on redesign of the database and user screens.

What's Changing?

Bookmarks to specific forms may no longer work. In the new portal, all requests and views are accessible after login from a single page which will be available on the EHS website home page and footer starting March 15th.

  • waste pickup requests (chemical/hazardous, radioactive, incinerator)
  • supplies/materials requests (radioactive materials, dosimeters, labels, door signs)
  • laser registration
  • asbestos survey search

The new EHS Safety Portal will use MSU NetID for login. Old Principal Investigator logins (access codes) will no longer work. Per MSU policy, login credentials cannot be shared. 

User designated as Principal Investigators will have access to register lasers and order radioactive materials (if approved in Click). Additionally, personnel listed as authorized users on an approved Click project will have access to order radioactive materials.

EHS Safety Portal menu


On Monday, March 15, 2020, new forms and ordering screens will replace the previous web pages. The current forms will be unavailable from Thurs, March 11 at 5pm until Mon, March 15 at 7am.

What Do I Have To Do?

The MSU community will be notified when the new portal is available. No special action is required at this time. Continue to use the current forms as usual -- by visiting the website.

If interested, there is still some time for serving as a tester of the new portal. Contact today if you would like to provide feedback in advance of the March 15 launch.