EHS Service Portal Upgrade

October 16, 2020

Project Description

The Environmental Health & Safety Info Portal (aka FileMaker system, aka Waste, Rad, and Inspections Portal) relies upon an older version of FileMaker Pro on expiring servers. Since its creation, the system has been expanded considerably and offers opportunities to redesign it for more efficiency. New features are now available that will increase the usability, security, and sustainability of the system.

What is Changing

  • NetID Login
    • Users must use their own NetID to submit requests or run reports. They will not use their PI's login.
  • General Design and Look
    • The new EHS Info Portal will be accessible and easily used with many portable devices including tablets.
    • Some screens and tasks will be a little different, but often with fewer steps and less re-entry of text. Results of small tests done so far have been positive. Additional pilot-testing is planned to ensure all MSU community users are considered. Click a few screen examples below.
      Request preview  EHS user preview

The detailed list of requirements is available to EHS personnel and upon request.


There are two phases to the Portal Upgrade Project.

Phase I

Migration of all current features, functions, and data to new servers and to new version FileMaker 19.

Start End Description
10/14/2020 MSU Server set up, ready for testing
10/19/2020 11/23/2020 Incidents, Invoices testing
11/09/2020 11/13/2020 Radiation Safety testing; Miscellaneous web request testing
11/23/2020 12/02/2020 Hazardous Waste, Incinerator Request testing
12/02/2020 12/11/2020 Assets/Inspections testing
12/21/2020 01/08/2021
Web Functionality/PI experience testing
01/16/2021 01/25/2021
Final Testing and Adjustments
01/25/2021 Authentication groups finalized, implemented
01/20/2021 01/26/2021
Announcements and final roll-out preparations
01/28/2021 02/01/2021
Data Migration and Go Live

While Phase I was originally envisioned to be a copy of the existing system on upgraded software and hardware, the contracted vendor has been making improvements in the design when efficiencies can be found.

Phase II

Enhancement of the system with additional requirements from EHS stakeholders including new tables, forms, reports, and other features.

Start End Description
04/01/2021 05/01/2021 Review of remaining requirements and scheduling
05/01/2021 07/31/2021 Development, testing, implementation

Project Team

  • Marci Monroe - Project Lead, vendor & testing coordination, Phase II Developer --
  • Sean Donahoo - Hardware and Software Lead, requirements documentation --
  • Great Lakes Database - Phase I developer & Phase II consultant
  • Environmental Health & Safety teams - Biosafety, Chemical Safety, Environmental Safety, Occupational Safety, Radiation Safety