A long-term EHS goal is to divide campus into "neighborhoods," each with designated EHS staff assigned. EHS already sees the benefits of dedicated safety staff assigned to Veterinary Medical Center, Cyclotron/FRIB, Radiology, Grand Rapids Research Center, IACMI, IPF, and RHS. A full-time, comprehensive, hands-on safety approach, facilitiating communications between EHS and campus units, is the most effective strategy to foster a culture of safety at Michigan State University.

East Lansing Safety Neighborhoods

  1. (PROPOSED) North Campus buildings
  2. (PROPOSED) Engineering/Engineering Research, Anthony, Food Science, Natural Resources buildings 
  3. (PROPOSED) Biomedical & Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Farrall buildings; CURRENT: Chemistry only - contact safety manager
  4. Cyclotron / FRIB - contact safety manager
  5. (PROPOSED) Plant & Soil Science, Plant Biology Laboratory, Molecular Plant Sciences, Food Safety & Toxicology, Center for Integrated Plant Systems buildings
  6. Veterinary Medical Center and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory - contact safety manager
  7. (PROPOSED) Fee Hall, Bott Nursing, Clinical Center buildings (Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Osteopathic Medicine)
  8. Bio-Engineering, Life Sciences, and ISTB buildings - contact safety manager
  9. Radiology - contact safety manager
  10. (PROPOSED) South Campus farms
  11. STEM - contact safety manager


Off-Campus Safety Coverage

EHS has designated staff covering the following off-campus facilities:

  1. Grand Rapids Research Center - contact safety manager
  2. IACMI (Detroit) - contact safety manager

EHS teams travel regularly to several other off-campus facilities for safety inspections and consultations. See a list of off-campus facilities regularly visited by EHS.


Additional Specialized Safety Coverage

  1. EHS's animal handler safety officer handles occupational safety and compliance (campus-wide) for employees handling animals
  2. Infrastructure Planning and Facilities has designated safety resources for IPF employees campus-wide
  3. Residential and Hospitality Services has designated safety resources for RHS employees campus-wide