COVID-19 Resources

MSU Return to Research Tools

Frequently-Asked Questions
Questions and answers about the return to research process

Laboratory Plan For a Safe Return (DOCX)
Planning form for individual laboratories to be submitted prior to approval to return to research

Workbook for Safely Returning to Research (XLSX)
Planning tool covering critical safety and regulatory subjects

Return to Research Process

return to research flowchart


COVID-19 Safe Return to Laboratory Work Training
Must be completed prior to returning to laboratory work

Also see for adjustments to scheduled instructor-led training sessions (radiation safety, worker protection standard, respirator fit-tests).

Operational Requirements, Guidelines

Resource For Researchers For Healthcare For Other Personnel
Health Screening Form
to be used by faculty, staff, and students involved in essential research* EACH TIME they are visiting an MSU-affiliated facility in Ingham County
Cleaning Guidelines for Non-Healthcare (PDF) X X
Interim Measures to Conserve Supply of N95 Respirators X X X
Guidelines for Cloth Face Coverings (PDF) X X X
Cleaning Guidelines for Healthcare (PDF) X

*Non-research personnel - check with your supervisor to determine the appropriate health screening process for your unit.

COVID-19 Regulatory References