Site-Specific Training: Trainer Instructions

All personnel must receive site-specific training annually if they are at risk of encountering any of the following risks at their work location: biological materials from animals or humans, plants, soils, waste, chemicals or chemical waste, lasers, radiation from materials or equipment. Effective September 2023, site-specific training must be recorded in the compliance training system. 

There are several ways non-lab trainers can input records. In general:

  • Labs, VMC: personnel upload the documentation of training provided by their PI or PI-designated trainer (details)
  • IPF, SLE/REHS, medical clinics, police, farms, greenhouses: trainer/coordinator documents site-specific training

Contact the Ability team if you or your unit does not fit into these categories.

Trainer Resources

Information below is intended for areas where trainer/coordinator is responsible for documenting site-specific training.

File upload for Group Records

It is recommended that when able, trainers upload a document that includes workplace information such as the building, rooms, and topics covered. This document can be a re-useable template. See the ‘Laboratories, Clinics, Vet Med Center, Other Units’ accordion on Site-Specific Safety Training ( for some checklist templates.  When adding training certificates for Site-Specific training, please use the file naming convention of sstc-NETID-YY.ext.  Limit the file name to 18 characters, do not include periods/dots within file name, but do include a period at the end of the filename, right before the file extension (e.g. ‘.pdf’ or ‘.jpg’). Example: ‘sstc-NETID-23.pdf’.

When uploaded as a Certificate file, the learner can print or email it, and it is available to a manager or other audits.

Do not upload documents with signatures or personal information because the document will be available from each learner's records.  More information can be found on how to upload training certificates on Manage Course Records (


Reach out to the Ability training support team at

  • to discuss the best option for you and your organization
  • for access to update Site-Specific Training course records
  • for teams walk-thru of options with screensharing