Respirator Resources for Employees

Recurring Respirator Program Components
Requirement Responsible MSU Unit Interval Prerequisite System of Record
Medical Evaluation Occupational Health Every 2-5 years None Health Employee Risk Database (HERD)

Expiration reminders are sent from HERD
Fit Test/Training Environmental Health & Safety Every year Medical Evaluation Ability LMS

Expiration reminders are sent from

Also see: MSU Respiratory Protection Program II-E: Employee Responsibilities

Medical Evaluation

Managed by MSU Occupational Health

  • Check Your Compliance

    Check your status with MSU Occupational Health at Under Health Risks, verify that you have an active Respirator requirement and that the Compliance column shows "Compliant."

    herd compliance screenshot

    If you are not compliant, contact Occupational Health at to fill out a medical questionnaire. DO NOT send any medical information to EHS.

    You will NOT be notified when your questionnaire is approved. To check compliance, you need to log in to HERD to view compliance status.

Fit-Testing & Training

Managed by MSU Environmental Health & Safety

  • Schedule an Appointment

    Confirm that you are medically cleared before scheduling a fit test/training.

    N95, Half-Face, Full-Face, or SCBA

    To schedule an appointment:

    • Vet Med personnel, contact Stephanie Smith-Edwards (517-574-8766)
    • All other personnel, select an available appointment in Microsoft Bookings
      • If you have been fit tested in the past, enter the brand and model (generally a 4 digit number) of the mask in the form when scheduling your appointment.


    Most PAPR do not require a fit test as they are loose fitting; however, they do require training. EHS, and various divisions (IPF, VDL) have in-house trainers. Retraining is available online. To set up an initial PAPR training with EHS, email EHS does not have PAPR units, so the user must bring their own. EHS is available to consult with departments needing to purchase a PAPR.

  • About Your Appointment

    What to Bring

    • Full or half-face masks: If you have been fit-tested previously, bring the respirator provided to you by your supervisor. 
    • For N95 masks: If you have never been fit tested but your lab/clinic has masks, bring one to the fit test.
    • If you were not provided a respirator, one will be provided for you during the fit test. Do not purchase a respirator until fit tested by EHS.

    How to Prepare

    • You must be clean shaven in the seal line of the respirator (no beard, no stubble, no goatee in the seal line of the respirator).
    • Long hair must be worn pulled back or put up away from the face.


    Fit testing is at the Annex building at 3940 Collins Road in Lansing.

    The Annex is the pale gray building on the right with two big garage doors. Go to the door with glass window that says "Fit testing." Call EHS at 517-355-0153 if having issues accessing the Annex.

    About Fit-Test

    You will be given options for masks if this is your first appointment. Type of mask will depend on the hazard. You may choose a comfortable mask. You will be given the manufacturer, model, & size information as well as training. You will be tested quantitatively, (by machine) or qualitatively (by taste), depending on mask, size of group, taste threshold, etc. Each test typically takes 10 minutes or less.

    When you pass the fit test:

    • N95 respirator – you will obtain the manufacturer, model and size information as well as training.
    • Other respirators – you will be given information for ordering, cartridge selection and change out.
  • Cancel, Reschedule, Late Arrivals

    If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you can do so using Bookings up to 48 hours prior to your appointment. To do either, go to the appointment confirmation email you got and click on the link to reschedule.

    If you are less than 48 hours from your appointment and you need to cancel, you must email to let us know. No shows with no communication with us may not be accommodated for a long time due to the large number of tests we have.

    Don't be late for your appointment as they are scheduled every 20 minutes. If you are more than 5 minutes late, we may not be able to fit test you or you may have to wait to be fit tested.

  • Check Your Compliance

    Following your appointment, EHS will add the fit-test/training record in the Ability Training Compliance system. To check compliance, log in to Ability LMS, go to My Requirements, verify that you have a respirator track assigned, and that the track status is "Complete." The specific track name should correspond to the type of mask you wear:

    • Respirator (Full/Half-Face)
    • N95 Respirator
    • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
    • and/or Powered Air-Purifying Respirator

    screenshot from Ability LMS showing N95 Respirator track status


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