We Are Hiring!

April 29, 2022 - L. Brownlee

EHS is hiring for multiple positions.

Chemical Industrial Hygienist

Chemical Industrial Hygienist (APA-12)- The Department of Environmental Health & Safety is seeking an industrial hygienist that will anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control workplace hazards and risks within the University community; monitor working environments to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations; develop and perform training to all levels of workers, especially in research areas and facilities.

Chemical Safety Technologist

Chemical Safety Technologist (APA-11)-This position provides support for the Chemical Safety Team, rates laboratory fume hoods, trouble shoots fume hood issues, and calibrates monitors.

Safety Inspector

Safety Inspector (APA-11)- This position will perform cross-functional inspections throughout campus: including Chemical, Biological and Hazardous Waste; review training records; provide guidance to campus researchers, and follow-up on corrective action reports. 

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply at https://careers.msu.edu.