COVID-19 Updates

June 15, 2021 - A. Bitters

Employee Training

The COVID-19 Safe Return to Work course is required for personnel returning to work on MSU property. Other courses are being phased out:

  • COVID-19 Safe Return to Laboratory Work
  • COVID-19 Safe Return to Clinics

Employees who have already completed COVID-19 Safe Return to Laboratory Work or COVID-19 Safe Return to Clinics do not need to complete COVID-19 Safe Return to Work.

Student Training

Students are not currently required to complete training. Student training is currently under consideration. If training is required, a course will be made available in Fall 2021.

Return to Work Plans

For administrative and academic functions that are deemed necessary to return to campus, a Return to Work Framework for Units has been created to help guide them through that process.

The following planning tools have been replaced by the Return to Work Framework for Units:

  • Building Safety Information Plan
  • Laboratory Plans for a Safe Return
  • Teaching Laboratory Plan for a Safe Return 

Previously approved plans should be kept in reserve should there be another pandemic outbreak.

Operational Requirements & Guidelines

Safety requirements and guidelines (related to cloth face coverings, cleaning, food & drink, University vehicles, etc.) are updated regularly - see EHS's COVID-19 page.