EHS Hiring High Containment Lab/Pandemic Safety Mgr

November 12, 2020 - L. Brownlee

Working/Functional Title

High Containment Lab/Pandemic Safety Mgr

Position Summary

This position will assist in maintaining compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations pertaining to the use of hazardous materials, infectious agents, and the operation of high containment research facilities;  Assist with the development, support and regular reviews of the University’s Return to Campus Plans, teaching and research plans;  Ensure that MSU faculty, staff, students, volunteers and visitors understand and comply with the University’s Return to work, research and teaching requirements; Evaluate and address PPE requirements for BSL-3 laboratories;  Coordinate the establishment and implementation of biosafety, security and laboratory standard operating procedures and processes for the common areas of all high containment laboratories; Stay current with CDC, OSHA, State and Local pandemic regulatory updates.  Attend and participate in multiple pandemic work groups as an EHS/ORA representative;  Coordinate training for, and monitor adherence to university, state and federal regulatory standards within high containment facilities; Act as the Responsible Official (RO) for the select agent program and as a liaison with the researchers, laboratory staff, Institutional Biosafety Committee, EHS Biosafety Officer, EHS Director and state and federal agency personnel as necessary; Coordinate safety procedures for animal care with researchers, laboratory staff and Campus Animal Resources (CAR);  Coordinate the safety processes associated with the yearly commissioning, repairs and maintenance of the BSL-3 facilities; Develop and maintain BSL3 facilities records and maintain RO records required for the select agent program; Assists Principal Investigators (PI’s), and assures all personnel working in high containment facilities meet minimum training criteria and assists (PI’s) assigned to these facilities in monitoring personnel compliance with medical surveillance requirements and diagnostic activities; Other duties as assigned.

Position responsibilities are expected to include inspection and risk remediation in laboratories and other facilities governed by provisions of the Arms Export Control Act, the Export Administration Regulations, and/or by government grant terms and conditions imposing citizenship restrictions on project participants.

Unit Specific Education/Experience/Skills

Knowledge equivalent to that which normally would be acquired by completing a four-year college degree program in industrial hygiene, environmental health and safety, chemistry, biochemistry or a closely related field; three to five years related and progressively more responsible or expansive work experience in industrial hygiene, occupational health/safety and chemical safety; or an equivalent combination of education and experience; and certification or eligibility to be certified in the comprehensive practice of industrial hygiene.

Desired Qualifications

Preferred Master’s or PhD Degree, or its equivalent, in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Virology or a related subject from an accredited institution. Minimum 1-2 years experience working in or managing a modern BSL-3 or BSL-4 microbiological containment facilities. Experience with modern test procedures, knowledge of rules and guidelines for safe handling of hazardous biological agents, and modern data storage technology. Minimum 4 years experience in the training of research or clinical microbiology laboratory personnel in standard microbiological practices, supervisory capacity preferred.  Thorough knowledge of the most current editions of the CDC/DHHS/NIH publication of the Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories and the NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules. Applicants must be able to work cooperatively with scientists and laboratory personnel; Knowledge of Personal computer and standard office equipment, Personal protective equipment to include respiratory protection (N-95, PAPR), gloves, protective coveralls and hood.  Experience with specialized bio-aerosolization equipment, autoclaves, centrifuges with safety features and other common microbiological laboratory equipment; Experience with managing or assisting in the management of a select agent program including registration, biosafety and biosecurity plan development, emergency management plan development.  Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills in a diverse environment.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply by November 24 at (Posting #680922).