MIOSHA 2018 Eyewash Amendments

August 13, 2019

In response to MIOSHA’s 2018 amendments to its eyewash and safety shower interpretation guidelines, EHS has partnered with stakeholders across campus to plan for necessary improvements. Six modifications were made in April of 2018 that may affect employees working in laboratories, custodial services, residential and hospitality services, infrastructure and facility planners, and others. This workgroup is assessing eyewash and safety shower stations and work processes throughout campus to determine the scope of need as we strive to achieve compliance with the new interpretation. The group will also address current design guidelines and construction standards to streamline future infrastructure additions and renovations which involve adding or changing emergency wash facilities. Creation of an emergency eyewash and shower decision process tree and accompanying technical selection guidance for installers will ensure everyone will have appropriate safety facilities for the work they are undertaking. EHS and stakeholders will continue to meet and find the proper direction under the new guidelines provided by MIOSHA.