CANR Presents: Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Training

September 14, 2018

Does your work include harvesting, weeding, pruning, spraying pesticides, or irrigating on a farm, forest, nursery or enclosed space such as a greenhouse?  Will you be working where pesticides have been sprayed within the last 30 days?

Then you must complete WPS training annually.

Do you employ someone who does any of the above? 

Then you must see to it that they complete WPS annually.

Coming up: 1-hour Worker Protection Standard trainings

Good for Initial or Refresher  

Topics include:

  • Who needs to be certified
  • EPA required training
  • Central notification information
  • Early entry
  • Handlers


Wednesday, September 26th, 2018
B122 Wells Hall
1-2 pm

Thursday, September 27th, 2018
B115 Wells Hall
10-11 am

Presented by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Instruction from the Greenhouse staff, MSU Extension, and EHS.