Physiology Laboratory Inspections Scheduled

January 3, 2018

Where: Department of Physiology

When:  January 15 - 19, 2018

What is being done: Annual biological and chemical safety inspections will be conducted throughout this department.

Why this is being done: To help the laboratories meet the requirements set forth by the MIOSHA Laboratory Standard, the MSU Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF), the MSU Biosafety Manual (PDF), the Biohazardous Waste Management Plan (PDF), USDA/APHIS permits, CDC permits, and the MSU Exposure Control Plan (PDF).

How this will impact building occupants:  Safety inspections will occur in research-related spaces.  Please refer to the below Pre-Inspection Checklist for a brief summary of items that will be reviewed during your inspection.  

Who to contact for more information: Katie Layman, Industrial Hygienist, at (517) 432-3066 or; Rebecca Ceru, Biological Safety Technician, at (517) 432-5019 or; or EHS at (517) 355-0153.


Pre-Inspection Checklist

  • Emergency contact information current for door sign. New signs can be requested on the EHS website.
  • Eyewash Station is unobstructed, tested once a week and documented. Keep a radius of 6” around the eyewash clear, test the eyewash and then initial and date your eyewash test log (PDF).
  • All chemical containers have complete chemical name and hazard warning labels. A key may be used to define abbreviations and indicate hazards if posted in the laboratory.
  • Chemical containers are stored in appropriate designated areas. All flammable chemicals greater than one liter must be stored in a flammable storage cabinet. Corrosive and injurious chemicals should be stored near ground level.
  • Spill kit and personal protective equipment is available and in good order. Chemical spill kits are available for purchase from Biochemistry Stores. Gloves, eye protection and other PPE can also be purchased via University Stores or BMB Stores.
  • Safety documentation and employee trainings are up to date and available for inspector to review. The Principal Investigator holds the primary legal responsibility to ensure all laboratory employees complete required general safety trainings, yearly refreshers and laboratory specific training.

Full Inspection Criteria