Fume Hood Testing Scheduled for Food Safety and Toxicology Building

December 26, 2017

Where: Engineering Building

When:  December 27 – January 5

What is being done: Air flow measurement and inspection of fume hoods and other local exhaust ventilation used for containment of hazardous exhaust.

Why this is being done: Annual testing is required by MiOSHA and the MSU Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF).

How this will impact building occupants:  Each fume hood or other local exhaust will be unavailable for approximately 15 minutes during testing.

Who to contact for more information: David Erickson, Senior Industrial Hygienist, at (517) 355-6545 or erickson@ehs.msu.edu, or Adam Calisti, Industrial Hygienist, at (517) 432-5019 or calistia@ehs.msu.edu or EHS at (517) 355-0153.

Additional information:

  • Please notify all personnel in your department. Your cooperation during this time is appreciated.
  • Hoods found to be unsatisfactory will be tagged (minor problem) or barricade taped (unsafe to use) as out of service. Contact IPF with a service request for repair.
  • Do not work in hoods with barricade tape until hood is repaired.
  • This notice is sent to all building contacts in the above-named buildings for distribution to building occupants.

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